"Sometimes I paint to share the memory of place. Sometimes I paint to share the depths of my soul. And sometimes I paint for the sheer joy of watching color react to my touch."

On a personal level, when I am creating, I truly feel the connection with a greater whole. I feel like I GET IT, although defining what IT is leaves me beyond words. So I create more and see if I can figure it out. Since I believe that art is communication, and that communication by definition requires more than one person, it's important for me to connect with the person viewing my work. I must complete the loop. I must share the energy I feel when immersed in the creative process. I must bring the viewer in to the greater whole with me.

To this end, it is necessary to attract and keep your attention. In order to get your attention in the first place I take great care with my colors. They are the tickets to my ball. They must reach out to you from across the room and take you in. Once inside, I use texture and pattern to choreograph the movement around the work, hoping that your eyes and your spirit are as delighted with the rhythm as mine. I expect our dance together to be a time of respite, reflection and retreat. It is a crazy world out there, as we thrash our way through the 21st century. If I can offer you sanctuary with my art, if even for a few moments, I have done my job.

A native of Schenectady, New York, I have always had an interest in art. Primarily self taught, I began devoting myself to painting and supporting myself from my work in the late 70's while living in Key West, Florida.

I enjoy art in all its expressions and am always open to experimenting with new mediums and techniques. Experimenting gives me the creative freedom I need. I am moved by different things each day and it is impossible for me to react the same way to each subject I paint. Using various mediums helps me react rather than merely record.

I am mostly known as a watercolorist in the Caribbean as I have been living in Puerto Rico since 1986. However, in 2002, I returned to my roots and began to work once again with oils and acrylics. Regardless of the medium or the surface, however, the common chord in all my work is my intense color and intriguing texture. I believe that the environment of the island is very much reflected in my paintings. T he intensity and the complex "tapestries" woven by nature are evident not only in my floral work but in my figure work, abstracts and landscapes as well. Puerto Rico is a small island with an incredible combination of diverse cultures, religions and physical environments, all flourishing together under the canopy of lush tropical foliage. The people themselves offer a social and cultural tapestry as rich and luxuriant as the thick flora covering the land. I try to capture the excitement and intrigue of such complicated dimensions in my paintings.

I have been teaching since 1992. I conduct my "Waterworks" watercolor workshops at my TreeHouse Studio in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, attended by students from around the Caribbean and the United States. Additionally I teach Creative Watercolor at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico and oil painting workshops at La Liga de Arte de Estudiantes in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

My work has been exhibited internationally and has received a number of honors and recognitions. Currently my work can be found in galleries in Puerto Rico and the United States.



Selected International Exhibitions

  • “Heat-The Next Tortured Genius”, Monkdogz Urban Art Gallery, New York, NY
  • H2O International Watercolor Competition, ArtRom Gallery, Rome, Italy
  • Le Grand Noms de L'Art Figuratif Contemporain, Quebec, Canada
  • International Small Paintings Exhibition, Quebec, Canada
  • Symposium Challenge Saguenay, Quebec, Canada
  • "Aquafolio" Collective Exhibition, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Salon de Figuration, Montreal, Canada
  • Galerie Manseau Annual International Invitational Exhibition, Montreal, Canada
  • "Watermedia VII", Collective Exhibition, Boulder, Colorado
  • Western Colorado Watercolor Society International Exhibition, Grand Junction, Colorado
  • "Design a Monument" Exhibition of Finalists, Miami, Florida
  • "Watercolor ‘94" Collective Exhibition, Ruston, Louisianna


Selected Regional Exhibitions

  • Collectiva” collective exhibition, Galeria Uri, San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • “Instruments of the Divine”, Solo exhibition, Galeries Arte en la Montana, Cayey, PR
  • "Evolution on Paper", Solo exhibition, Galeria Arte Papel, San Juan, PR
  • "Reflections of El Yunque", Solo exhibition, Teatro La Princessa, San Juan, PR
  • "Evolution", Solo exhibition, Palmas del Mar Country Club, Humacao, PR
  • "Reflections of El Yunque", Solo exhibition, Westin Rio Mar Resort, Rio Grande, PR
  • "Man, Woman, Watercolor", 2 Artist exhibition, Galeria Calle Cristo, San Juan, PR
  • "Puerto Rico Collective", Atlas Gallery, San Juan, PR
  • "Puerto Rico Tapestry" Solo exhibition, Liga de Arte Estudiantes, San Juan, PR
  • "El Paraiso" 2 Artist Exhibition, Galeria Arricife, El Conquistador Resort, Fajardo, PR
  • "Options", Solo Exhibition, Galeria Gotay, San Juan, PR
  • "Waterworks" Student-Teacher exhibition (as Teacher), Liga de Arte Estudiantes, San Juan, PR
  • "Waterworks" Student-Teacher exhibition (as Teacher), Galeria Telemundo, San Juan, PR

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