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Welcome to Monica Linville, Fine Art. The paintings seen on this website reflect her more than thirty years as a professional artist living and working in the tropical environment of Puerto Rico’s El Yunque National Rainforest.


“I am ever aware of the complexities of life, be they in nature or in society. I always tend to be able to see every side of what is before me, which gives me what I think is a multifaceted and complicated perception of the world. I see the universe as a tapestry, with individual threads weaving in and out, seeing both the individual “threads” underneath as well as those on the surface and comprehending that each is reliant upon the other. This perception has greatly influenced my work as I consider my paintings themselves to be tapestries of a sort. I push and I pull with color and light just the same as if I were weaving. By using pattern, texture and brushwork I believe I create the same textural complexities in my paintings as I see before me in life.” - Monica Linville



I am very happy to share my new project with you.


Using dance as my inspiration I wish to create a collection of paintings that will not just show you how dance LOOKS but also how it FEELS. Please click on this link to learn how you can participate in this exciting new project.

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